Union Presbyterian Church






Over the years, Union Presbyterian Church has been strongly involved in many different mission projects. Below are some of the ONGOING programs Union is involved in-

Local Missions

-Lingerdeldt school initiative: Union is in the middle of a two year partnership with Lingerfeldt elementary school in Gaston County. The church is helping in a variety of ways to meet student needs and encourage parents and teachers.

-Service Sunday: Once a year, Union takes a Sunday off from “regular worship” to “be the church” in the community, providing service opportunities for all the ages.

-Mission Grants/ Cradle to the Cross: This program was started originally from the Finance Committee to help encourage individuals with personal stewardship of their time, finances, and gifting, Individuals partner with another to do a service project of their choosing in the community. Mission grant money is available for those serving.

-Forrestview High School Breakfast: gives youth at Forrestview a place to meet for breakfast, fellowship, and a short devotional each Tuesday morning at 7:15 am.

-Crisis Assistant Ministries: In May, Union collects non-perishable goods for CAM (a local food bank). The children of the church "sell" pre-purchased goods to church members at our own “Loaves and Fishes” grocery store.

-Bingo @ Terrace Ridge: Every 3rd Thursday at 4:00, Union leads Bingo at a Terrace Ridge, a local Retirement Center.

-Habitat for Humanity: each fall, Union works with Gaston Area Presbyterian (GAP http://gap.wncpresby.org/) churches to build a home through Habitat for Humanity.

Global Mission

-Malawi: Union supports work in the areas of health care and children’s education in Nkhoma, Malawi, one of the poorest countries in Africa. The hospital in Nkhoma and its 9 satellite rural clinics support 5 full-time doctors who serve 350,000 people. Ebenezer School was started initially to help retain staff with children at the hospital. It is now one of the outstanding schools for local Malawians