Waiting on the Lord
O how it can be tough
It is planting my seeds in the ground
and standing by for the rain
But as the land remains dry,
fear and doubts begin to arise.
I wonder if I am waiting in vain
For the rain to come down


Waiting on the Lord
O what a journey of trust!
It is daily preparing my field
notwithstanding the drought
I lean not on what I understand
but trust in His sovereign hand
I keep on believing as I wait it out
and I expect a coming yield


Waiting on the Lord
O what a bringer of joy!
It is when the clouds finally burst
and my seeds turn into plants.
Waiting on His perfect timing
 unfolds scores of blessings
The harvest is so abundant
the storage doors can’t shut


used by permission

12/5- First Week of Advent, Candle of Hope

Saturday Poem/Prayer

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