7 PM Daily Prayer

September 23, 2020  

Today's Prayer

Father, You are a loving and faithful God. This coronavirus has reminded us that we have no power. It reminds us of how dependent we are on You and Your provision for our lives. So with this prayer, we again place ourselves in Your loving hands. For the families that have lost loved ones to the virus, give them peace. Please place Your healing hand on those who are ill, and give Your protection to us in this time of fear and uncertainty. Father, help us not to let fear rule our lives and help us to trust You, our faithful God. Give wisdom to our government leaders and Church leaders as they are faced with important decisions. We ask this through Christ our Lord, AMEN.

What is 7 PM Daily Prayer

One of the things that people of God do best is to PRAY.  And we are assured by the Word of God that our prayers reach a Loving Father who hears and answers.  During this troubling time, we are encouraging every church member to take a moment each day at 7 PM to pray.  It is a way for us to be united, even when we cannot physically be together.

There are many, many areas that need prayer:  our church family, first responders, those with the virus, those exposed to the virus and on it goes.  Each day, we will share with you a particular need that has arisen and we will include a short prayer for that need. 

Also, there are specific needs that concern you.  You may email those requests for prayer to unionpc5615@gmail.com or call the church office and leave a message. These requests will be made public on our website below.

There are further opportunities to pray together! 

In our effort to continue to offer ways for us to join in prayer together, we have added a Thursday Prayer Conference Call.  During this time, we share our prayer concerns with one another and end in prayer.  Please join us by using the phone number (701) 802-5058 and then punching in the access code, 4694513#.

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