Learning to Walk in the Footsteps of Jesus

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Our new series of Sunday School classes begin Sunday, January 12.  Please come join us at 9:45 AM for some great time together as as learn to walk in the footsteps of Jesus!


The youth will use the curriculum, "No Easy Answers," exploring what it looks like to apply what we believe about God and what Scripture teaches to difficult real life situations.

ADULT CLASS: Augustine of Hippo: Building a Strong Faith while the World is Changing (Incarnation)


Historian Dr. Bradley Green once wrote in Shapers of Christian Orthodoxy  that “ at one level all of Western theology has been – in a sense – a long series of footnotes to Augustine.  He bequeathed to the church deep reflection on how to talk and think about God.” Augustine’s work is at the foundation of all Christian theology as we know it.


Augustine’s impact was in part due to the fact that he lived during a period of transition: at the end of the Roman Empire and beginning of the Dark Ages.     Augustine worked diligently to express what he believed to be the most important parts of faith as the world as he knew crumbled around him.


Christian Culture in the United States is currently in a state of flux. It is possible that there is much we can learn from Augustine’s faith and confession!

ADULT CLASS: Forgiving When it is Tough: Taking Forgiveness Seriously (Righteous Living)


What is God’s role in forgiveness? Are we really expected to forgive every wrong done to us? As Christians are we required  to forgive AND forget? How are we expected to truly forgive people who have betrayed us or groups that have hurt us in ways that have impacted our lives? How can we seek forgiveness of someone we have wronged if they won’t speak to us? What about those lingering mistakes of the past we seem unable to forgive ourselves about?


Forgiveness is well and good when it’s about others issues or people’s small mistakes. But forgiveness get’s really hard really quick. Most of us have come up with our own views on forgiveness… but what does scripture say teach on this topic? Is God’s desire for us regarding forgiveness even possible? Join us as the more challenging sides of forgiveness are explored!

Don't forget to join us after Sunday School for worship at 11:00 am.


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