God Sightings in Epiphany


  • Our Blessing Box has become a God Sighting Box! I often check when I drive by, especially Sunday morning. Last Sunday, it had been emptied, which is not unusual. When I opened the door to restock, to my surprise there was $107, under a rock. Honestly, I was surprised that the money had not been taken. (Oh me of little faith!) What started as a box for students at Forestview has quickly become a needed box for the community. It is being used by more than we ever imagined and often! Since that day, we have been left several donations in the box. What a blessing!    Tammy Biddix

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GOD SIGHTINGS WEEK of January 17th, 2021

  • Connection was made with Mrs. Miriam MacDowell, age 94, who husband, Reverend Norman MacDowell, served as pastor at Union Presbyterian Church in the 1960s. It reminded me of how long God has used this church in the community.

      Pastor James Holeman

  • Regardless of political affiliation, I saw the hand of God in the inauguration through a beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace and through prayers still offered to Almighty God.

      Nancy Newman


GOD SIGHTINGS WEEK of January 10th, 2021


  • Beautiful snow falling; moonlight across the lake at night and sunrise in the morning.

  • Larry & Janice's engagement...healing after grief!   

  • Finding out Eric's surgeon is a Christian!

  • Peace internally during storms of life.

  • The beauty of the snow!...seeing the Creator's work.

  • Love & support from the community for Eric & Jennifer - truly God is Love!

  • Watching grandchildren's excitement as they saw 7 deer playing in the snow in our backyard!  Creation gifts!

  • Found myself in a situation where a family needed monetary help that really stretched my finances. However, I still felt God wanted me to give what was in my possession. What I did not know was that God, through another (who was not aware of the circumstances) would provide for me just as He provided for that family who needed help. Would you believe that the amount was pretty much the same!  That was a definite God-sighting to me.....God showing His love for that family and meeting their need and at the same time, meeting my need! How great is our God!

  • Watched one of my children yesterday with no prompting- stop the important thing he was doing to do something silly (but meant a lot to another of my children). Then to hear them come out and say that they loved one another! God was definitely at work!!


GOD SIGHTINGS WEEK of January 3rd, 2021

  • Seeing God at work in the lives of the 2 individuals who got engaged at Union last week!   -Anonymous

  • This last Sunday... I saw the love of Christ in a checker at Harris Teeter. I had never met her before. But as she asked about my family and kids, I could tell that she really cared about what I shared. It was "more than" just small talk for her if that makes sense and it made my day. –Pastor James

  • A beautiful sunrise last Monday!   -Anonymous

  • I am always so blessed when God chooses to reveal Himself in the physical realm. He loves to use people who are willing to allow God, through their obedience to the directive of the Holy Spirit, to manifest Himself as a God who loves us. While sitting on palliative care wing of the hospital with Becky Staggs, I "saw" God work in an incredible way. Outside of Randy's room, we were sitting, talking and making phone calls when the dinner food trays were being delivered to the rooms. The young woman making the deliveries saw Becky's sorrow and asked if she would like to have a hug! There could have been no better timing or place for such an awesome touch of God in Becky's life. She hugged us both (with our permission) and went on about her business of delivering dinners. When Randy went home to be with the Lord, and before leaving the hospital, Becky received a beautiful card from the same young woman and signed by other staff members and enclosed were meal tickets to the cafeteria for Becky's family. I could only see the hand of God reaching out to Becky in a very painful time....He was saying, through people who would respond to His call, "I love you!" And Becky heard Him!

      - Nancy Newman

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