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Good Friday Service 2023
Procession of the Cross

Join us on April 7 for this unique service in partnership with New Hope Presbyterian, Robinson Memorial, Olney Presbyterian, and Union. We will meet at New Hope Presbyterian Church at 6 pm (4357 S New Hope Rd, Gastonia). And then join in a vehicle procession to Union, Robinson, and then Olney as we listen to story of crucifixion as told in Matthew.  During the Processional, you can use this webpage to listen to music, poetry, special readings, and Scripture for the travel time between churches. We hope you can join us this year! 

Listen After Visiting New Hope Church

Good Friday Track 1 2023

Listen After Visiting Union Church

Good Friday Track 2 2023

Listen After Visiting Robinson Memorial Church

Good Friday Track 3 2023

Listen After Visiting Olney Church

Good Friday Track 4 2023
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