Maundy Thursday

Link to Devotion: Luke 22:7-46 & Message

Link to Song: "Here is Bread, Here is Wine"

Here is bread, here is wine
Christ is with us, he is with us
Break the bread, drink the wine
Christ is with us here

Here is grace, here is peace
Christ is with us, he is with us
Know his grace, find his peace
Feast on Jesus here

In this bread there is healing
In this cup there's life forever
In this moment, by the Spirit
Christ is with us here

Here we are, joined in one
Christ is with us, he is with us
We'll proclaim, till he comes
Jesus crucified

Link to Song, "In Remembrance of Me," to listen to as you reflect on this question:

-Jesus told us that every time we break bread (eat a meal) that we should remember Him. Do you say “grace” before you eat? What about thinking about Jesus every time you eat?  Also, think of the Jesus' disciples in the Garden. They couldn’t keep awake even one hour to pray with Him. Today- try and spend one hour praying with Jesus and/or try to take a moment to remember Christ’s sacrifice every time before you eat or drink.

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