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In 2022, Union Church added a Community Outdoor Walking Trail to its property.


The first portion of the trail starts at the back Union's property next to Forestview High School student parking lot (there is car port and 2 boxes that provides food for those in need at this location). This portion of the trail ends in the woods next to our youth building.


The second and more extensive part of the trail makes 2 loops in the woods behind our cemetery and crosses a small creek. This trail has been built for our entire community to get out and walk in God's beautiful creation and even take some time to be alone with God.

We encourage you to take spend some time with God along the trail. There are 7 benches where you can take time to just sit quietly with God. There are also several helpful prayer guides below you can use below as you walk. 

There will soon be 3 kid friendly explorative stations along the trail.

Community Outdoor Trail

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